Saturday, November 22, 2008

Have You Heard?

Hey ladies spread the word and mark the date A Page At A Time is having

their first online crop! With the Christmas season coming fast we all

need new and inspiring projects to make for our loved ones.

We have lots in store for you, challenges, games, prizes and best

of all lots of giggles! I have seen some of the stuff that the Design

Team has in stored for you all and it is super. You are in for a great surprise!

The Design Team is working madly at coming up with some great challenges

and projects for you! Our Sketch Queen Sarah (hippy_chick) has some

great sketches to challenge you. Holly who has great ideas with altering

anything has the perfect idea for answering you kiddos questions

about Santa entering the house! This is way to cute....I can't wait!

We will be having tutorials onhow to make some great Christmas stuff!

What will it entail? A recipe? A Quote? I guess we will all have

to wait and see! There will be more coming....Be sure to check out the Crop

Threads on the message board. We will be starting a supplies list for

certain projects too. You will need to make sure you have

them to be ready for the project.

Games, games, games....

I will be hosting 2 games so far. Game #1: Scrappy BINGO, all

the words have to do with scrapbooking or cardmaking. I will

be posting the words soon, be sure to come by and pick your 25

words and have them PM'ed to me before Dec. 4th when the first

words will be called. I will continue calling words throughout the crop

until someone reaches all 25 words. BINGO. What do you get?

Well, a prize of course. Game #2: 12 Scrappy Days of Christmas

Photo Hunt! Now what is this you ask? Get your camera ready and

come check out the fun! This game will also have a small prize for

everyone that gets all the photos! Game #3: Robin will be hosting

a "Word Search" Game. #4: There will be lots of Christmas

Trivia, so catch up on all your Christmas facts! #5: There are 2

different word games coming. #6: Last but not

least a Scavenger Hunt!

The best part about this crop is there is a chance to win prizes

all over! We will be working on a points system and at the

end of the crop and the crafters and chatters with the top 3

point collections will win prizes.

Hope to see you there!

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